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Kurt Warner: Ultimate Fan Experience

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That time I got to play flag football with a bunch of future Hall of Famers. I met Kurt Warner, LaDanian Tomlinson and Larry Fitzgerald, but my personal highlight was catching a touchdown pass from Reggie Bush followed by a perfectly executed chest bump.


Valentine’s Fudge Stripe

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During a client presentation for a Fudge Stripes Valentine’s Day program one of the deck visuals caught the client’s eye. Her immediate response? “Can we do that? I’m calling the factory.”
The answer was yes. Watch for Fudge Stripes with a heart in the middle next Valentine’s Day…

KitchenAid Elevator Concept

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A pitch concept to show how spacious and open the new line of KitchenAid refrigerators are. Much of the new line is inspired by industrial design, so wrapping an elevator was an exciting way to allow consumers to open up and step inside.


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