Toy and Game Design

My background gamifying experiences for brands sparked my favorite new hobby—toy and game design.


Rumble Rockets

This real-time dexterity game uses your smartphone as a launch pad for an immersive, vibrating rocket-rumblin’ experience. The first-of-its-kind game launches for 25th Century Games in 2025.

Frosthaven App

Partnering with Lucky Duck Games, I designed the UX for the official Frosthaven App—the hit game that raised over $12 million on Kickstarter.

Taco Tuesday

Creative direction and illustration for Taco Tuesday and the Funky Foods…hitting stores (and Taco Trucks) in Q4 2023.

Marble Mini Golf

It’s a marble game. It’s a race. And it’s competitive mini golf!
Construct your own ‘mini’ mini golf course and race your colorful marble-sized golf balls. My first licensed product is available now in stores and at!

Fruit Slots

You’re down to your last quarter, but you have a good feeling. So you blow into your hand, place that coin, and play FRUIT SLOTS! Prototypes are still available for this set collection card game.

Cheez-It Soccer

This award-winning project for Cheez-It and Major League Soccer helped spark my love for game design. I like to tell board game friends that my first game sold 50 million copies…
Watch for more project announcements soon!